Greeting Cards History

The greeting cards we know and use now have a long way of history as it dates back into the 1400s. In Europe, they had started to sell cards which are handmade and the valentines cards already exist at that time and part of the production. The custom of sending cards had its origin though in the practice of the Chinese people. When the New Year comes, they celebrate it by exchanging messages with the wish of good will. The early Egyptians had also contributed when they use scrolls of papyrus to send their messages.

The studio cards or celled humorous greeting cards is the one that became popular during the 1940s until it reached 1950s. Valentine’s cards are also one of the popular cards that are being made. As they do not have much the resources before so many did it by hand. The post office was then established and then the putting of the postage stamp also followed in 1840. In the year 1843, the Christmas cards were known to be printed for the first time when someone ordered it for his company.

The birth of the greeting card industry in the United States of America was started by an immigrant from Germany to the United States. That is in the year 1856 when he uses a lithographic method to print the cards. He had perfected the method and so he can produce good quality ones. From that time on, the business of greeting cards is on until now. They became part of our life.